My 90 Day Review

So I just realized I’m 4 months into my stay at home mom-hood.  As I’m recognizing how fast the time has flown and how this is obviously going to be a reoccurring theme in my life (see here and here); I’m starting to really reflect on my days and how I’m spending them.  Until I had a child I never realized how fast 2 hours could fly by; I’m wanting to reassess the time I have during the day to make it more effective for both myself and our family.

When working outside of the home I always looked forward to goal meetings and performance reviews.  I welcomed the time to sit down with my superior and talk about where I was at, how I was doing, where improvement was needed and setting goals for the next upcoming milestone.  I love feeling accomplished and on task.  So as I’m reflecting on the fact I no longer get a 90 day performance review I’m beginning to shift my way of looking at my “job” and life.  I’m working to make a change in how I’m doing things day to day.  The skills I developed in my career are still so applicable to my life now.

My husband and I were talking last night about my approach to house chores; there are some I don’t mind at all and others I build up in my head as being ones I’ll put off until I can’t stand it anymore.  Once I’m doing the dreaded chores (bathrooms and vacuuming), I realize they aren’t so bad.  You’d think after doing this a million times over my lifetime I’d figure out that I’m making these things seem so much worse than what they are.  I mean come on how can you hate vacuuming? There’s a machine that actually does the work for you!! I’m thinking I need to reevaluate my thoughts and views on vacuuming!

As I’m running through the conversation with my husband in my head I’m beginning to think about my strengths, places needing improvement, and goal setting.  A 90 day review of sorts.  Of course I see a million areas needing improvement but for goal setting and reality purposes I can only focus on the things that currently stand out most to me and go from there.

Here’s a brief picture of my 90 day goal setting and plans:

I plan to sit down and make out a chore schedule for myself; break things up and break things down; I’m good at being organized and love having lists to check off so I feel like I’m getting somewhere.  I also plan to work on getting a list together of projects I’m wanting/needing to get accomplished-instead of watching TV at night making my TV time a little more productive.  My main goal is to start feeling like I’m using the time I’m provided in the day wisely; I want to end my day satisfied that I used (or at least attempted to use let’s be honest, days don’t always go as planned) the time I have during the day that isn’t spent with our little guy serving our family better.

How about you? Do you ever feel like time just seems to slip away and you wish you had more to show for it? What are some of the things you do to keep yourself on task?



About The Momflict

I am a new mom adjusting to life with my first born...trying to find my place in the world and wrestling with the changes of life in staying home or going back to work...thus, the momflict.
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