Life is Precious

In spending time this past week mourning the loss of a young family member (who leaves behind 2 children and a husband) I’ve had a lot to reflect on.  There (of course) are always the cliché responses “This too shall pass”… “Live each day like it’s your last”…”Always say I love you”…which all sound well and good but have really held no true meaning until I’ve faced the loss of a loved one that hits so close to home.

Although no one can understand the true feelings and emotions that a husband and his two boys feel as they lose the closest woman to them, standing by their side and watching it all unfold was crushingly painful for all involved.  My heart shatters to think about their loss and to watch them physically ache from this life-changing event is almost unbearable.

As I reminisce about the good times I’ve shared with this woman I selfishly contemplate how life-altering something like this would be for my own family.   I can’t imagine having to endure the loss of a spouse or how intricately a child is impacted by the loss of a parent.

In reflecting on life and the truly important things, I’ve learned some incredible lessons over this week.  My appreciation for each day I’m given to spend with my husband and child is truly a gift to ME.  How can I make it a gift for THEM?  I’m inspired to leave a legacy that my family and friends can remember with happiness and pride.  We all have good days and bad days but in the moments when the “bad days” start to over power I’m reminded that these are fleeting moments in the big scheme of things.

Death is infinite to the living and the loss is deep to those directly impacted.  Life alters for the immediate family and carries on for the rest of the world.  Putting myself in the shoes of those immediate to this loss I’ve come to realize that certain things begin to become so easy to overlook that maybe weren’t so easy two  weeks ago.  This realization reminds me of the saying that runs through my head when an argument is brewing; “Is this really going to matter in five years?”

In my time of reflection I implore you to live fully, experience and give love strongly and purely; don’t allow the little things in life to mottle the beauty we may easily ignore in each moment we have with those we love.  My hope is that this small encouragement from my corner of the world reminds you of all the incredible gifts we let pass when we get caught up in the routine of life.

My world is forever changed by this experience.  To have someone so full of life be taken so quickly leaves my heart and soul, heavy.  As we begin to pick up the pieces that remind me of those of a shattered light bulb I am blessed with intense inspiration.  I will aspire to seek joy in times of frustration and resistance and seek love and peace in the time in which I am blessed here on this Earth.  My hope is you’ll do the same.  Enjoy the minutes that fill your day and seek satisfaction in the little things; leave an imprint on the world that leaves others with a smile and enjoy the little things life has to offer.

Have you experienced a time in life that brought you back to the basics? What are some life lessons you’ve learned that have carried over into how you life your life, how you parent, and or how you interact with your spouse?


About The Momflict

I am a new mom adjusting to life with my first born...trying to find my place in the world and wrestling with the changes of life in staying home or going back to work...thus, the momflict.
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One Response to Life is Precious

  1. Amanda says:

    Last fall, a family in Portland lost their little boy in a tragic accident; an accident that was completely outside of their control. He was one month younger than my little boy at the time and when I heard about their story on the news, my heart sank; the death of a child is so unnatural.

    It was then that I realized that as a parent, you can do just about everything in your power to keep your children safe and out of harm’s way; buy high-end car seats, cover every outlet and bumper every corner of your house but ultimately, God has a plan. We as parents forget how much is truly out of our control, and I think that we want to ignore that reality because loss of control is downright scary. Daily, I remind myself that each day is a gift and I am so blessed to wake-up to my children’s faces, despite the fact that they kept me up all night, dumped the last of the Cheerios on the floor, and are already fighting at 7:30 am.

    You said it so eloquently Erin, that you will seek joy in times of frustration and seek love and peace. All to often, it takes tragedy to remind us how precious life truly is.

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