Living the Good Life?

Sometimes I think about the time during the day I enjoy spending with my little guy and I reflect on the fact that it’s so rare that people LOVE what they do every day.  The daily grind of the 9 to 5 pales in comparison to the day by day hour by hour minute by minute of the 365, 24/7 I’m doing now.  HOWEVER, as daunting and grueling as the time clock of a stay at home mom sounds for some, I can’t help but think of what a blessing it is for our family!

I’m sure I’ll have skeptics and some stay at home nay sayers waiting in line to bash my Pollyanna view on being home and having a good attitude about it but I must say that this is about me and my experiences and today this is where I’m at.  Honestly, at times I feel like I run into more negativity with moms than I do positivity.

My interactions with working moms seem to wind up in complaints about being tired, being constantly on the go, and stressing out about how to get dinner on the table.  And, my interactions with stay at home moms seem to wind up with complaints about being tired, being constantly on the go, stressing out about how to get dinner on the table, annoyance with house chores, being overwhelmed with the daily expectations of household management, and irritability towards the children (the list could go on).

As individuals and families we make choices whether it be to stay home or return to work. No doubt we all have bad days and we all struggle with dislikes and dissatisfaction of daily work expectations and outcomes; we all need to vent,  but I’m working hard to keep my complaining and negative thoughts in check.  If there is something so bad about my job, I need to work on changing it for the better.

My biggest fear in stepping into my new role of stay at home mom was that I would feel inadequate and 1950’s housewife-ish (as if going back to a simpler time is a bad thing).  I was scared that I would be resentful of my husband for going to work and leaving me home to do remedial household chores while tending to our newborn all day.  I can’t tell you how many nights we stayed up talking about our expectations and hopes for one another in our new roles as Sole Financial Provider and Stay at Home Mom.  It was a scary decision and when I would take time to sit and think about how it would be to fill this role I must say my biggest hesitations came from the stereotypical thoughts I’ve carried for so long.

As a stay at home mom I’ve vowed to myself to do what I do with a joyful heart; first for my husband, second for me, and third for our son.  I needed to give my stereotypical ideas a makeover in order to take on this role;

*I will not sit at home in sweats all day

*I will shower and wear make up every day (even if I don’t leave the house)

* I will be positive  and find my purpose in what I’m doing daily

*I will work to be the best mother and wife I can be

*I will not have every conversation opportunity with a grown up be taken up by listening to my list of complaints

*I will see my choice to stay home for the blessing that it is

*I will take pride in the way our house is kept and cleaned so that when my husband is home he can relax and enjoy the short time he has Monday through Friday with our son and me

I share my attitude focus not to sound like things in our world are wonderful and perfect 100% of the time but to shed light on something that digs at my inner core.  I have my moments of self-doubt, frustration, and question about whether or not how I’m doing things is beneficial to our family…but doesn’t every body? I guess for me I’m wanting to step off the negative train and step onto a platform that is firm in showcasing how life can be if we change the way we look at it.

Life is all what you make of it and this is something I hope to instill in our son as he continues to grow.  We all have our moments of dissatisfaction but in those moments what we choose to do with those feelings makes strides in changing where things are ultimately end up!


About The Momflict

I am a new mom adjusting to life with my first born...trying to find my place in the world and wrestling with the changes of life in staying home or going back to work...thus, the momflict.
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2 Responses to Living the Good Life?

  1. JosieGrace says:

    Awesome post! Dosen’t everything in life boil down to our attitude and perspective?
    I think it is easy to get bogged down in circumstances, and we stop remembering all the good things we have and all the goodness that God has shed on our lives….
    I have to say that this post is convicting to me, because I know i struggle with complaining way more than I should when my life is sooo good, and even when it is not so good, I should still rejoice in the fact that God is good, and that never changes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts….By the way, I also try to always get dressed and wear makeup every day and it makes such a difference in my day!

  2. emily says:

    Add one more thing to your list and it’s perfect…”I will recognize that everyone has off days and give myself permission to have a pj day if necessary every once in a while” 😉 There’s so much pressure from the world that can make women shrink from who they are created to be and to be so hard on themselves. When I start feeling myself faling into that kind of negative thinking I redirect myself as best as I can because I realize that NONE of that is from the Lord. Everything I do during the day, if it is for the benefit of my kids and husband, is HIGHLY valued by the Lord and that’s all that matters…even if it’s the not so pretty stuff, the not so glamourous stuff, the stuff that some others might say would cause them to lose their sense of self. And if I can keep my eyes on my value in the LORD’s mind then there’s no need to worry about anything else.

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